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"Sherry's two main assets are her loving charm and her work ethic. In an industry that is constantly changing, her experience helped us navigate through complicated transactions. After working with Sherry on several properties, she is now our 'go to person' for Real Estate needs. Thank you!"

     "I am forever in Sherry's debt for her success in selling my home. She is very resourceful and has an unrelenting work ethic. She was proactive from the first contact and never stopped. She is also very knowledgeable. She caught things that my attorney was either too busy, or to careless to catch. If she had not brought them to everyone's attention, we would have been in a difficult spot. With the adversity facing sellers and the opportunity presenting itself to buyers, it makes all the sense in the world to work with the best. I don't think they come any better than Sherry. Give her a call and see for yourself!"

     "I recommend Sherry as a person and realtor of incredible integrity. My situation was EXTREMELY unique and I can honestly say there are very few people who would NOT have run away as fast as they could. My situation required unparalleled privacy tactics, family engagement and unconditional trust.
     I interviewed six realtors in Royal Oak, all from reputable, established firms. Sherry from Keller Williams was my last interview. I had not connected yet with any of the other realtors and I knew I needed that for my own comfort level.
     I had purchased my condo as a foreclosure and then lost my employment. The bank was unyielding and impersonal. But Sherry took on the property, and at the right time, suggested I enter into a short sale. As people know, this means a HUGE loss for the realtor if any commission at all! She still stood by me. As time went by, Sherry’s guidance, intuition, and knowledge of the market proved to be true. The decision to apply for a short sale was the right thing to do.
     If I had the opportunity to meet a person as a friend, or work with person on a professional level, I would seek out Sherry."

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